Friday on the Homestead

There are so many things that NEED to be done that it’s difficult to prioritize which to do first.

I opted for re-catching strawberry runners.

Yep… Re-catching.

My 1 year old decided to “un-catch” them at some point. So I went outside to check on them today for a customer, and found many uprooted, unpotted, and several rooted in random places. Not at all the nice clean berry bed I had left about a month ago.

So that meant I was soaking roots, sifting compost, and re-potting this morning and afternoon.

He may be a trouble maker, but he’s awfully cute when he takes my notepad and pen and starts mimicking my to-do list-making.

I’ll give him a pass this time…

Yesterday I finished dry brushing the barnwood wall, so today I’m hanging the painting I’ve been waiting two months to see!

On the opposite side will be where I mount my cast-iron shelf brackets.

I swear I had 2 sets, but for the life of me, I can only find one! πŸ€”

The finishing touches of course will be the curtains, whenever I have a moment to stitch those together.

Our roof was finished Thursday evening, and I am super pleased with my color choice…and you know, the great job the roofers did, blah blah blah.πŸ˜‰

And, our stove, after having caught on fire (electrical) about 2 weeks ago, was finally replaced to my satisfaction. The short story: I will ALWAYS shop local for my appliances, and phooey to large chain stores!!

We’ve been harvesting rose hips, herbs, sweet potatoes, and tomatoes and at some point, I need to get all of that food stored. Canning is back on the to do list now that the stove has been replaced.

I have done a few little things like refilling everyone’s lip balms (yeah, I’m that cheap.) And a few small items for the holiday market in November; mostly deciding what I want to have in stock.

Right now I have bowl coozies, corner bookmarks, and coasters.

Plus our herbal teas, seeds, and coconut soaps.

We’ll see how that goes. I may add lotion bars for funsies.

In Baby #4 news, I’ve been having heartburn, insomnia, and Braxton Hicks contractions… But that’s fairly standard based on previous pregnancies. And if those things start to annoy, I just look at this ultrasound photo of Baby Girl’s little footie πŸ˜†

Perfect little toes! I can’t wait to hold that little booger.

This is the busy busy season right before we get our winter “rest.” So I’m doing my best to appreciate the season for all it has to offer, exhaustion not withstanding.

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