Transitioning Pants into Skirts

Spoiler alert: this is about a sewing project. I know “transition” tends to be a hot-button word these days. Rest assured, I’m using it in reference to my wardrobe.

I started this project…? I can’t even remember. I do remember that my mom was visiting at the time, and it was before this 4th pregnancy… So sometime 10,000 years ago. Anyway, it arose out of a conviction that 1) khaki pants are hard to come by. 2) khaki skirts are even HARDER to come by and 3) khaki ANYTHING that isn’t skin tight, climbing up your rear end is nigh impossible to come by.

So I took the opportunity to hack and slash a pair of butt-hugging Dickies from my younger, less mom-bodied days and transition them into something more flattering: a skirt.

I cut the legs off just below the knees, ripped the inseams, and I used the leg pieces to make the front and back panels of the skirt.

The longest part of the project was either pinning and ironing the pieces, or waiting until I finally purchased a machine capable of stitching it together.

It’s a size 7, so it should fit again in about 8 months after baby comes and I’ve had a chance to shed some baby pounds.

Overall, I’m happy with it, and I’m seriously considering transitioning all my jeans using this method. Nothing wrong with a nice, tailored pair of jeans, but there’s something much more flattering to the feminine form about a skirt.

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