Homestead Update

It has been a while!

Okay, first things first.

Shaggy Maple Updates

Remember way back when I mentioned my trepidation to enter back into the world of social media? Yeah… I broke up with Facebook. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, I can’t handle it. It had become something that was insisting upon itself and demanding urgency. And if you’ve never read Tyranny of the Urgent, I highly recommend you do.

Anyway, I’ve since had the greatest peace since getting rid of it to the point that I wonder why I ever felt the need to go back to that. It really isn’t worth it, people. Do you have to hustle to make the same marketing contact? Yes. Being without social media takes away the passivity of marketing and makes it an active venture. But that’s kind of the point- getting to know your customer base. So if the Lord wills, we’ll be fine without it, and I can’t argue with the peacefulness so, it is what it is.

That said, the blog is our primary outreach and will continue to be so! The etsy shop, unfortunately has sort of born the brunt of my neglect. But I really just have not had the time or energy to create new listings- the 3rd trimester is ROUGH!

Baby #4 Updates/ Herbal Medicine

Suffice it to say, I really took for granted the amount of sleep I was able to get during my first pregnancy. And with the kids having weird waking and sleeping patterns the last few weeks, it’s been nearly impossible for me to squeeze in more than 6 hours a night. Especially factoring in all the bathroom trips, psychotic dreams, and bouts of “false labor” that wake me from perfectly peaceful rest.

I’m one of those people who can’t function without sleep so I’ve been feeling especially run down. That couples with the exorbitant amount of sick people who have no business being out in public spreading their viral contagion has prompted me to make a gallon batch of Elderberry and Astragalus syrup.

I’ve also implemented a routine dosing strategy for everyone- about 30 minutes before we leave the house, everyone gets Thieves (fighting five) oil on their spines, and a tablespoon of elderberry syrup. Then when we get home, everyone washes hands with soap and water and then gets a saline nasal rinse. We’ve also had vitamin C in some form or fashion at every meal. Sound extreme? Not as extreme as the 3 people from our church who have been hospitalized and received IV fluids because some nasty stomach virus had them all severely dehydrated…

I’ve also used Zarbee’s dark honey and ivy leaf syrup for any snotty/coughing I hear and so far, it’s worked perfectly.

God has really extraordinarily sheltered our family from so much of the sickness going around, it’s truly amazing.

My OB office insisted upon scheduling my appointment on a Thursday, after I explicitly stated I only have childcare available on Mondays and Fridays. This is an ongoing saga of disappointment and annoyance with this office. For the 4th time, I got a call saying my delivery doc wouldn’t be in the office on the day of my appointment so I needed to reschedule… For a Wednesday… My busiest day of the week, again, explicitly stated… So no. I am all done with that nonsense.

Track with me on the level of absurdity.

As a consumer of any other product or service, if the provider of said product or service failed to meet the consumer’s needs or expectations, the consumer would void the transaction and take their business elsewhere. Right? So why, when it comes to healthcare do we consider that “doc sbopping” and make it illegal?

I can answer that in one word. Money.

*soap box rant*

Western medicine cares more about money than the patient. That has consistently been my experience throughout my adult life. Have there been a couple exceptions to that rule? Sure. But by and large, doctors treat people as uneducated, ignorant, livestock to be herded through the office at the doctor’s discretion, thrown some ungodly expensive and unresearched medication with 10,000 side effects which will ultimately result in another appointment to correct the problems the doctor caused in the first place, and viewed as a number instead of a human being bearing God’s image. And that, to me, is 1) gross. 2) unacceptable.

What’s worse is that insurance companies exert authority over the entire process and dictate when/who/how healthcare can be administered based on cost and “liability.” Which again, prioritizes money over the human being. The whole thing is a racket and Lord willing, I might be able to transfer care last minute… But I’m not super optimistic about that outcome. So instead I’m just going to be overly vocal about how absurdly expensive doctor visits are without any justification to be so and probably leave really terrible online reviews for my current ob office.

Here’s praying God works it all out for my (and baby’s) good and His glory.

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