Homestead Update

Here we go…

Pregnancy/Baby #4

I had an appointment yesterday afternoon. Let’s just say it was my final straw. So after several phone calls and a stack of paperwork, I managed to transfer OB care back to my previous office. Is it farther away? Yes. Is that inconvenient? Definitely. But I will take inconvenient over feeling ignored and uncared for by the people responsible for helping to bring my child into the world.

Praise God!

The only catch is that they couldn’t schedule a “new patient” appointment until 4 days before my due date… So here’s to praying baby girl hangs in there as LOOOOONG as possible. Lord willing, the same woman who delivered my daughter will be delivering this baby as well.


While I was filling out some paperwork, the kids asked to go play outside. I thought that was a great idea so I bundled them up and saif I would call them in 20 minutes for lunch. I heated a kettle for tea to warm them up when they came inside…

But that was all cut short when I heard distressed chicken sounds. I looked outside and saw that the kids had gotten into the chicken coop (a big fat no-no they’ve been disciplined for in the not-so-distant past) and let Flynn, our one-year-old border collie into the coop and run with them. When I got to the run (without boots on, mind you- I was in a HURRY!) Flynn had a mouthful of feathers and was pouncing on and playing with the hens. We have 9 remaining hens from the last hawk incident that took Ameraucana and I was worried he had killed or injured some.

I didn’t notice any injured birds, but none of them are willing to set foot in the coop at this point. I gave them some more food and water, and I assume at least the ones who were played with could be in shock, so I’m watching them carefully the rest of the day.

I got the kids inside and sent them straight to bed for nap, Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe style.

They’re sleeping now while I think of an adequate disciplinary consequence. It’s difficult- they are young and Flynn is still a pup, and we haven’t had any chicken issues with him before. I do not want to have to go through the ordeal of retraining him to leave the birds alone right now.

Not the kind of stress I’m after when I’m trying to hold off labor as long as I can.

I am weary. Deep in my bones weary. I have very little left to give and I’m clinging to God through this head cold and terrible behavior I’m getting from the kids.

Part of me knows that they know Baby #4 is coming soon and much of their behavioral issues may be stemming from that.

But I just don’t know how to handle it. I don’t know what they need from me, I don’t know how to mitigate their tantrums, and I’m worn out from trying.

I usually try to have a happy ending or spiritual application at the end of my posts… Today, I’m just praying God gets me through.

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