Family Worship

Today (Tuesday) was weird. I went full out housewife and cleaned the whole house.

Okay, the kids helped me clean up all the clutter.

…alright! Fine! It was just the living room! We folded and put away laundry, vaccuumed, and unearthed the sofas.

Maybe all the clutter isn’t cleaned up, but it sure is good to see the couch again under all the cloth diapers.

But the big surge in cleaning came as a result of not having any Bible study commitments today. Before I had Ingrid, I had been attending a morning women’s Bible study, AND a married couple’s small group with my husband on Tuesdays. Busy days! Mondays had been prayer meeting,  Then Wednesday was our midweek worship/Bible study and choir rehearsal, then Fridays I’ve been leading a mom’s small group Bible study. Sunday of course, is Sunday school and corporate (meaning whole church) worship. At a minimum, I’m used to spending 4 days a week at a church building. I don’t know what to do with myself now!

I heard someone say something to the effect of, “Well now we can just worship at home!”

And that’s where it struck me… Church- that’s what we are supposed to have been doing ANYWAY!!!

Every morning- with the exception of days my husband is called out on chaplain duty/work related things- we wake up, have breakfast, pray as a family, and my husband reads Scripture to us from the Psalms and Proverbs. If the kids are being pleasant and attentive, we even add in a few hymns- Yes! Hymns! From an actual hymnal! It’s a beautiful, and often times tearful thing, family worship.

We didn’t always do this though. It wasn’t until I read Family Worship by Donald Whitney (Oooh, while you’re at it, go ahead and read his Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life also.)

Man, was that book convicting! I learned why family worship is so vital to the Christian home, and I also learned how to manage it with little kids. Initially, I was a little uneasy about bringing it up to my husband, as I was essentially asking him to take on more responsibility in leading us spiritually as a family. I cannot stress enough how important it is to be gentle, prayerful, and humbly submissive to your husbands regarding his spiritual leadership. Ladies, understand that come judgment day, there will be some things in your lives for which your husband will be accountable. Because of God’s design for male headship, He intends for the husband and father to carry the “umbrella” of faith. Now, for a man to carry not only an umbrella of spiritual leadership and authority and accountability over himself is one thing. For my husband to also pick up the umbrellas of husband, father, pastor, and chaplain- that’s a lot of big umbrellas in my husband’s hands. And a lot of people under his spiritual guidance and care.

But fortunately, he was willing, and we were all on the same page about it. The issue was the brief attention spans of our really young kids. It’s gotten better as they’ve gotten older; the baby and the 2 year old still make noise and fail to sit perfectly quiet, but that’s to be expected. We do our morning worship over breakfast because it’s the most consistent time in our day- everyone is together, kids are quiet because they’re stuffing their faces, and it sets the tone for the rest of the day.

Does that mean we’re a perfect family?

Bwahahahahahahahaha! No. No, Far from it.

There are days where our hearts aren’t really in it, but we do it anyway out of obedience to God in leading our family.

There are days when the kids’ behavior makes me wonder if I’m just completely failing altogether, and I wonder why God would entrust four little souls to my care. I dunno the answer to that one completely, but I’m sure it has something to do with my sanctification.

Anyway… My point is, we all need to be worshipping at home. Every day. An hour a week is not nearly enough time to lay spiritual groundwork for our kids on which to build relationships with Jesus. Worship as a family. And savor those moments you get to be together, instead of stressing over the fact that you have to be.

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