Monday, Fun Day

Okay, so weed-eating and mulching isn't exactly fun... But guys!! Guys!!!! It's practically spring! Look!! The daffodils are blooming! Finally! What feels like a forever-long winter is finally breaking into beauty and new life as Spring makes her long-awaited appearance. Me and the Hubster had a conversation in the car last night. He got me … Continue reading Monday, Fun Day


Sex without Responsibility

Let's be clear right up front. New York's "Reproductive Health Act" is straight out of Hell itself. There is nothing worth celebration when it comes to the murder of babies. That's what abortion is; call it what you want- termination of pregnancy, reproductive rights, the right to choose- it's murder. Plain and simple. For starters, … Continue reading Sex without Responsibility

Showing Love This Christmas

I am not an incredibly girly woman. Yes, I like doing my hair and make-up or, "gettin' all fancy" as my son calls it. Yes, I occasionally paint my fingernails. I even spent the Valentine's Day my husband was at bootcamp watching P.S. I Love You with my mother in law, while enjoying a diy … Continue reading Showing Love This Christmas

What We Feed Our Chickens

Call to Me and I will answer you and tell you great and incomprehensible things you do not know. Jeremiah 33:3 You know how there come those times when everyone in the family has raw nerves and short fuses ignite over the smallest thing? That happened to us Friday. I carefully plan my outings for … Continue reading What We Feed Our Chickens

Biblical Gender Roles in Marriage: Part Two

The Fall of mankind happened early on in the Bible. 3 chapters in, and we had already screwed up the perfection of God's creation. We left off in Part One of this post with the perfection of God's creation, and the flawless nature of the marriage relationship as it was initially intended. Then sin entered … Continue reading Biblical Gender Roles in Marriage: Part Two

Biblical Gender Roles in Marriage: Part One

Submission. That is probably the singular most difficult word for a strong-willed woman like myself to read in the Bible. I have ignored it, loathed it, and questioned it. But it's still there. I'm strong, independent, outspoken, tom-boyish, and blunt. How do I get around that "S" word? Simple. I don't. There is no God-honoring … Continue reading Biblical Gender Roles in Marriage: Part One