Shout Out: Higher Ground

I mentioned how excited I am about getting things prepared for our dairy goats this year. So, I decided it’s a great time to do a shout out for the farm we’ve decided to get our goats from.

April, at Higher Ground Herbs and Homestead is fast becoming one of my role models. What first attracted me to her farm was her British guernsey goat breeding up program. I’ve mentioned before that Guernseys are my dream-come-true homestead dairy goat. They’re beautiful, give plenty of rich, creamy milk, and they’re a rare breed in the U.S. in need of conservation and propagation. Incidentally, Higher Ground had two adult does for sale this year, both of whom will be much loved and welcome additions to our homestead. Meet Honey and Luna!Higher Ground Honey and her two kids born spring 2020 photo credit: Higher Ground Herbs and Homestead 2020

Higher Ground Luna, due to kid soon! Photo credit: Higher Ground Herbs and Homestead, 2020.

 Honey has had her babies (pictured above) this year and is a great mama; I can’t wait to make her acquaintance in person!

And Miss Luna is a first freshener this year and is due to kid soon.

These ladies are 3/4 Guernsey, bred from Swiss goat and British Guernsey lines. They are both absolutely adorable and you can check out this other post of mine to see why Guernsey goats are my absolute favorite.

What really sealed the deal for us was the practices of Higher Ground in managing their stock holistically and sustainably. In my texting interactions with April, I’ve found a kindred spirit in that we share many of the same philosophies of naturopathic stewardship and just general homesteading spirit. I fell in love with the farm from their website photos. Here is the homepage of their website:Higher Ground Herbs & Homestead

From that description alone, I was sold. Incidentally, the perfect goats for our homestead were listed for sale and we are looking forward to bringing the girls to their new home here.

In the meantime, we’re working on site preparation for the barn, and hay storage, and planning our Joel Salatin-esque  rotational grazing system.

So a very special thank you goes out to April, and I encourage you all to check out Higher Ground Herbs and Homestead on Facebook, or at their website, drop ’em note to say hey, encourage them in their impressive and worthwhile pursuits, and check out their shop for herbs, rare breed animals, classes and more!

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