More Fall Preparation

My son and I have been working to establish the Back to Eden beds along the back of the house and prepare them for spring herb planting.

We finally figured out that a greater number of spadefulls of mulch goes faster than trying to rake mulch loose and shovel fewer larger loads with a snow shovel. It feels more redundant, but the spade is actually more manuverable in the long run.

Here’s what we got done today:

We built up the corner slope with some rocks we dug up on the property. I’m getting pretty good at “dry stone walling” as I’ve been able to look for shapes and Tetris them together. Perhaps in another season of life I’ll be a stone mason and actually build some dry stone wall enclosures. Who knows?

Panoramic view of the south facing beds

I still need to prune up and trellis the rose bush, but I figured I’d wait a bit and aim for a time when I don’t have tiny hands to grab thorny clippings.

My son’s job is laying and spraying the newspaper and mulch as we go. He enjoys using the hose and he does a good job, when he’s not filling his boots with water… You win some, you lose some. And hey, he’s only 2 and a half.

Then as I went around the Northeast corner of the house, I saw that downspout. I hate that downspout. I run over the stupid thing constantly with the mower and weed eater. So… I buried it. AND- Happy accident- I found a lemon balm plant while I was digging, so I moved it back to the spot we mulched in the back. It will be part of our tea/kitchen herb garden.

Old broken spout
New buried drainage spout

While we were doing that, my husband mowed and cleared some brush down a path through the woods. YAY! I can’t wait to “pave” that trail with wood chips. I’d like for it to be a functional cross country running trail, but it may need a little lengthening. If nothing else, it can be the trail to our eventually milking shed/goat shelter.

Oh, dairy dreaming…

I’m still pining over dairy goats. I really would love love love a registered golden Guernsey herd. They’re beautiful animals with outstanding milk quality and production. The problem is finding some in my area. There used to be a golden Guernsey breeder here in East TN, but it seems the owner or operator passed away recently, and the goats have been dispersed. I absolutely would have purchased a milking doe. Sad day. Perhaps if I post an ISO on some dairy goat forums, the Lord will lead the goats to me…? What I want is to start with a couple does, eventually keep our own buck… That’d be the life, right there. Milk, cheese, soaps… Sigh

Photo courtesy Oklahoma State University, 1997


In the mean time, we’re just plugging along getting things cleaned up and put in their places before the weather turns cold.

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