Lunar Planting: Gardening by the Moon

In the lakeway region of the Smokies, I have the benefit of being rural enough to see the stars and moon at night.

Over the course of the last year or so, I’ve been paying a lot more attention to the “sky clock” as I like to call it. The moon is all at once mysterious, fascinating, and beautiful!

More and more as I spend time in creation, I notice that there is rhythm and purpose to everything; seasons and microseasons, or cycles to everything. And I began to notice the moon’s role in it all, as a sort of marker or indicatior for each phase… I suppose that’s why we call them moon phases.

So I did some research on lunar gardening. After all, God established the heavenly lights to act as a massive “clock” marking times and seasons. God established his timeline by the lunar calendar! It only makes sense to use the gifts He has given us in order to maximize our harvest. After all, He gets the glory and first fruits!

The more I studied, the more sense it made to utilize these phases in planting. Let’s be clear, this isn’t worshipping the moon or stars. That would be silly… And idolatrous.

Instead it is utilizing the system God put in place to provide food for His childten in the proper seasons.

I happened across a website with really well-organized information and planting guides available for purchase. I decided to buy the guide for mid-length growing season (based on our frost dates) and dowload the pdf. I bound it along with a few other resources I found in my research on lunar gardening.

It is fascinating to me how much of this stuff I was either A) already doing intuitively or B) hadn’t ever considered before.

For example: this is the first year I have ever gotten kale to germinate in the garden. First. Time. Ever. In 3 years of trying! I planted it (DS) with lettuce and swiss chard. Why did it work this time?

Row of lettuce, and kale

I planted them shortly after the first day of the Biblical New Year, which began March 25th.

At that point in time, the conditions were favorable for leafy greens. I learned that the moon’s affect on tidal waters is also applicable to ground water! When water is pulled toward the surface, seeds absorb more water, thereby germinating more quickly. As it happened, I did this without realizing it. And in hindsight, it makes sense.

So I’m going forward this gardening season planting in accordance with the lunar cycles and in tune with my Creator. It is amazing how close I feel to God in those moments. Looking at the sky yesterday and the trees, I started crying. I mean, just sobbing at how beautiful the earth is, how broken sin made it, and how much I long to be with Jesus when He restores all things. It was overwhelmingly beautiful and I couldn’t hold back tears. I love those moments.

So if you’re wondering how to get the most from your garden, harvesr wise, and spiritually speaking, connect to God’s created order and align your gardening activities with His “sky clock”. Check out the resources available at the websites below!

And don’t forget to share your experience in the comments!

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