Homestead Update

I’m one of those ADD homesteaders… Not only can I not seem to focus on one task at a time (spaghetti brain) but I also constantly ADD to my already lengthly list of to dos…see what I did there?

So I’ve been asking God to order my days. Following the moon cycles actually helps this a great deal because my tasks then depend on what phase the moon is in so I only do what is necessary and beneficial instead of trying to tackle everything at one time. It’s also helpful to make lists. And I can’t do that on my phone or I get distracted by other things like emails or texts, so I’m a paper and pen kind of gal.

Anyway, that means because the moon is in the 1st quarter and waxing, I’m getting weeds out of the potatoes, and planting leafy greens, medicinal herbs, and above ground annuals. It’s nice to have everything laid out and it limits me to prevent burn-out in the garden.

We got rhubarb, celery, lettuce, sorrel, shunkiku and radishes planted in the poteger, and we transplanted bronze leaf fennel, and marshmallow into the herb bed of the terrace garden.

My oldest helped me dig out wild violet from the potato bed, and we fed them to the chickens. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again- one man’s weed is another man’s chicken feed. And you can’t beat free!

Meanwhile, my husband is working on a goat milking stand for our girls. He magicianed some scrap wood out of someplace and got it put together in about an hour and a half. He decided to hold off building the neck catching part of the stanchion until we can meet our girls and make sure it’s the appropriate size, and we can modify it as we need to. But it was really nice to see a project come together so quickly!

The barn should be delivered sometime in the coming week, so we’re prepping that site, clearing the area and gathering the rest of our materials for that. The kiddos helped us lug out fallen tree branches and get the parn area nice and cleared out. We also set up and tested our electric fence, which should work nicely for us.

As far as crafting goes, I’ve been sewing dresses for me and my girls 1) because mother/daughter dresses are adorable, 2) to familiarize myself with my sewing machine and to build skills.

For Astrid’s dress, this is the first time I had ever drafted a pattern from an existing dress and it is nice to see it working out.

I’m having to get creative with my fabric cuts though because I’m running out of fabric!

I had never used a buttonhole foot before and holy cow- I was astounded at the brilliance of that technology. It may seem silly, but seriously! Whomever came up with the foot that holds the button to measure the hole size was a genius; no painstaking measurements, no guess work, no fiddly hand stitches- nice. I’m a fan. Don’t be surprised if all my clothing has button closures in the future.

Here it is all done!

I feel like that made my homesteader skills level up.

That’s about all we have going on at the moment, just waiting for all the spring produce to ripen! Oh- speaking of!! I discovered mulberry bushes- fruiting! All over the place! Always exciting to find food on the property. It’s like walking into the kitchen to find a cupcake waiting for you, except instead of a cupcake, it’s seasonal fruit… Or whatever.

More later!

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