Face to Face

Face to face with Christ, my Savior, Face to face—what will it be, When with rapture I behold Him, Jesus Christ who died for me?

Face to face I shall behold Him, Far beyond the starry sky; Face to face in all His glory, I shall see Him by and by!

2 Only faintly now, I see Him, With the darkling veil between, But a blessed day is coming, When His glory shall be seen.

3 What rejoicing in His presence, When are banished grief and pain; When the crooked ways are straightened, And the dark things shall be plain.

4 Face to face! O blissful moment! Face to face—to see and know; Face to face with my Redeemer, Jesus Christ who loves me so.

Ravi Zacharias was instrumental in my coming to saving faith in Christ. I had been living incredibly backslidden from the faith I was taught as a child. At 19, my newlywed husband enlisted in the USMC and I felt my life slipping farther out of my control- God proved to me that it was never in my grasp to control in the first place, and that my attempts to do so ended poorly and alienated me from people I loved.

While my husband was at boot camp, I would listen to RZIM on the radio every day driving 45 minutes home from college. Ravi enabled me to think through the metaphysical questions I had about God and my reignighted relationship with Christ through the lens of Scripture. My heart believed, but he engaged my mind in the faith as well, turning me to dive into thr Bible and to read other great apologists and Christian thinkers like C.S. Lewis, and Oswald Chambers, G.K. Chesterton.

My faith began to take intellectual substance beyond emotional feelings and I was able to offer explanation and reason for the hope that newly gripped my young adult life.

Mr. Zacharias, your ministry touched my life in an incredibly powerful and beautiful way, always pointing me toward and drawing me near Jesus Christ, my Savior. I look forward to the day when I can rejoice face to face in the presence of Messiah as you are now.

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