Lies breed Fear

I encountered something misleading yesterday and it really stuck in my craw.

I was gifted this really pretty drink dispenser as a house warming gift when we bought our first home in North Carolina.

It has since suffered a broken lid- what with 7 moves and lifting and storing- it isn’t surprising. So I found a replacement on a restaurant supply website and I decided to order it, seeing as it’s heading into lemonade and sweet tea season.

Anyway, I placed my order and clicked through all the “longer than usual shipping times due to covid” hooplah, and waited for the lid to arrive.

It was delivered yesterday, but I didn’t know what it was until I opened the box. Why was it confusing?

Not because I had forgotten what I ordered…

But because the box was about 6 times too big for it, and because it indicated that inside the box were 4 gallons of liquid hand sanitizer. Odd.

But as one who finds herself frugally saving and reusing boxes, I thought, well maybe they just reused a big box for the sake of having room to insulate the glass lid? But as I looked the box over, it was mint.

No signs of being used before- the corners weren’t dented in, it had all original labels and stickers, and only the initial strip of packing tape.

I had to assume that my lid was packaged in that box on purpose. But why? What did the seller stand to gain from misleading and misrepresenting me, the consumer and everyone in the chain of delivering my package?

I thought of three possible answers.

1.) They bulk order boxes and REEEEALLY didn’t want my lid to arrive to me broken, so they put it in a new box, which already had fragile markings and filled the extra space with those air packing pouches.

2) They get an extra slice of lie– I mean pie for every covid related purchase/shipment from their company…? So, let’s mislabel packages and say they’re hand sanitizer and masks.

3) It perpetuates an ominous sense of fear of “the virus” with the public still purchasing mass quantities of hand sanitizer– anyone who’s seen my kitchen knows I’m not that compulsively handwashing type of person– and it pushes on the narrative that the public is still scared and panic buying. Which, I don’t doubt is true in some people…

To make matters worse, the lid is the wrong size.

But I do not live in fear. By choice.

Scripture COMMANDS, not suggests, commands believers to live unafraid, bold, fearless lives in Christ. That isn’t to say reckless– that would be foolish– but resting in the fact that God holds our every day. Like Paul says, “For me to live is Christ, to die is gain.” Knowing that no matter what circumstances we may face, no matter what degree of suffering we encounter, we are to unwaveringly trust that God will shepherd us faithfully through it for our good and His glory!

So why did this bother me so much? I guess its just the dishonesty of it. Misleading people whether intentionally or not is wrong, and it can breed unnecesaary fear.

My mail carrier picked up an etsy order for me a few days ago and she actually thanked me for not spraying down my mail with Lysol upon receipt! She said many of her deliveries get taken with gloved hands, sanitized, or dropped on the porch and it makes her feel like a leper. A leper. Someone carrying such a serious and contagious disease that it would lead to rotting flesh and loss of limbs. How did Jesus respond to lepers? He faced them. He healed them. He touched them. He didn’t fear a sickness or the person carrying it.

Not just because He possessed the power to heal the illness, but because of His faith in His Father. Christ had every reason to fear for his life. People wanted him dead! He was hated and reviled and persecuted. And yet, he obeyed with perfect humble submission to His Father, likely in spite of fearful circumstances. He prayed, trembling, distraught, likely terrified at the prospective pain which he would face on the cross, both the physical and spiritual torment of bearing in his body the wrath of God. And yet, He went to the cross… That’s fearless living.

I suppose I’ll return the lid, or else just get a karaffe that it will fit. Either way, I’m certainly not going to bother purchasing 4 gallons of hand sanitizer.

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