Project Raspberries (and Blackberries, and Currants)

Well so much for skating through this summer just doing maintenance. I really hadn’t planned on doing a berry hedge rescue mission. But such is life, right?

You can see in this pic the nice, neat line of weed killer that began along my neighbor’s side of the fence… And just decimated my fruit bushes…

Apparently I had some baby tulip poplars hiding in there

dead, dead, deadsies…

juxtaposition of dead plants with new canes shooting up from the roots trying to save the life of the plant

Some patches of the hedge were thicker than others so from there, I’m digging out the healthy baby canes and transplanting them in what will be the new berry hedgerow.

I dug the holes (well half of them) yesterday, and so today I planted and fertilized.

They are a little wilty at the tops, but I expect that for the first few days until they reestablish their roots.

Also, I weeded the swale. It desperately needed it. And I’m not quite done.

I also decided to terrace out steps from the foot bridge. It was just too steep.

This is gonna be one of those week- long projects I can only tackle in the mornings when the baby naps.

Today is also my husband’s 30TH BIRTHDAY!

30 looks good on him. I think I’ll keep him.😉

He has a funeral visitation to attend today, which is not exactly the most cheerful of birthday undertakings (pardon the pun), but we’ll try to make him feel special when he gets home with special dinner and chocolate “Fruffles”.

If you’ve never had or heard of fruffles- you’re more sheltered than my homeschooled children, and you need to get out more. Also, your life is tragically incomplete.

The picture links you to the source site for this homemade version.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

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