Ask me about my goats!

They’re here! They’re finally here!

And if there’s one thing I’ve learned over the last 2 days, it’s that no one is quite as jazzed about my goats as I am. But that’s okay. I’m gonna tell you about them anyway.

There is something miraculous in adding life to the homestead. When we first got our chickens was the first time I sensed that feeling of connectedness to God, land, food… I felt a similar feeling when we harvested our first vegetables from the back to Eden garden, but animals are just different. And goats, because of the bonding you do with them, are even more miraculous than chickens.

These ladies made it through a 4 hour trip and settled in to our place relatively quickly.

Honey was very curious and warmed up to us very quickly. I had to earn Luna’s trust, though… Which is interesting when the first thing you’re doing with goats is trying to get them to eat and drink after 4 hours in a hot truck and then milk them. But milk them I did.

It was my first time ever milking a goat so there was a bit of trepidation and a slight learning curve, but hey, I’ve breastfed all my babies and the mechanics are more or less the same, albeit slightly different anatomy.

The girls each went to the stand willingly for food no problem. We were sent with an herbal anti-parasitic to preemptively knock out any parasite bloom due to the stress of travel, and fenugreek to help their milk supply.

I prep my “milking tub” the night before for the next morning’s milking. And I do the same after the morning milking to prep for the evening milking

We’re getting about a pint per goat per milking, milking twice a day, so round about a 1/2 gallon per day. Which is just about perfect for us. It’s also been increasing each milking, as they get more comfortable with me and their stress level drops and as I get the hang of hand milking. I can’t even describe the fulfillment that milking a goat brings- it’s just super gratifying. Totally worth waking up (or staying awake) at 5:30AM.

Saturday we introduced them to the stake out lines and trained them to step over to keep from getting tangled. They each figured it out in about 5 minutes. That’s not to say sticks don’t get tangled in the rope and make knots for us, but better sticks than their legs!

They’re seeming pretty happy on the browse we have here for them.

Saturday morning
Sunday morning
Sunday afternoon

They’re chowing down!

Miss Luna

Which is incredibly beneficial to us in helping us get control over some of thr crazy brush that has taken over the side acerage.

So far, goat ownership is everything I hoped it would be. Granted…

…I’ve only owned goats for 2.5 days.😂

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