Food Preservation on the Homestead

So it’s one thing when you’ve got a mess of things coming in on your homestead. It’s another blessing when your friends have an abundance to share with you as well!

That begs the question: “What do I do with all this food!?”

There are a lot of ways to preserve your harvest, and fermentation has got to be one of my favorites. I can’t think of a better way to preserve produce while simultaneously building up good gut flora for cold and flu season.

I’m positively swimming in zucchini!I’ve roasted it, sauteed it, fried it, and made it into bread. Next step: fermentation!

Right now I have some cukes (also overflow from friends) fermenting into hopefully tasty pickles, as I wait for cucumbers from our own garden.

And We’re bringing in some more green beans soon.

We’ve frozen a couple gallons already, and plan to can some as well.

We have about 15-20lbs of potatoes also, which need to get put into storage.

I may can some as well, make some stew with them, but mostly I plan to eat them bit by bit from root storage.

Our greens I have been eating fresh, but I am actually getting ready to dehydrate some more kale and chard for wintertime soups and smoothies. I also use this time to dry herbs for culinary and medicinal use. Typically I harvest any old time, but this year I’m trying out harvesting at the full moon for greater potency.

I’ve already tested the kale smoothie route and I have to say, that is an excellent way to hide some kale for it’s nutritional value for people who may never in their life desire to consume it raw in a salad.

My priority the last few years has been to learn the skills necessary to grow and preserve food. So now that I’ve figured out the basics, it’s time to put those skills into practice.

How do you preserve your harvest? Let me know in the comments.

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