Busy in the Kitchen

It’s that time of year again!

This is what it looks like when you can and/or dry your late summer harvest.

Fresh basil for pesto

And this is what it looks like doing all that while wearing a 7 month old in a backpack carrier

I don’t blame her, I’m sure she gets bored back there.

I’ve been in my kitchen almost exclusively.

I’m doing a few canning things I haven’t tried before: pickled “veggie sticks” and pickled apples.

Actually, pickled apples are pretty tasty. I did some in relish form and it’ll go nicely on roasts this winter.

The veggie sticks are the left overs from the bags of kale and chard we put up in the freezer, as well as some celery stalks, the leaves of which I’ve got drying on racks in the basement where it is cool, dark, and dry- thanks to our awesome sump pump and water drainage system…yes, that emergency led to a wholesome area to dry and store my produce. Thanks be to God for redeeming that situation.

Anyway, we’re also working on building a cold frame off the back side of the house. And it is slow going only because of homeschooling and rearing children. Most of the framing is built. All that remains beyond that is to cut boards to size and screw them together. Then we just fill it with screened compost from the chicken run

I was also fairly captivated by the beauty of our gardens this morning. Seeing the chickens out in the mobile run doing the hard work of clearing beds for me brought me deep satisfaction.

As did all the sweet little baby pumpkins and the tomatoes that will be ripe any day now. It’s the little things, guys. And I’m learning to soak them all in with thanksgiving to God.

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