I’m Farm Fit

I used to wonder how pioneer women had the bodily strength and stamina to live that lifestyle.

That wondering was based on a misconception- they were strong and had stamina because of that lifestyle.

My “ancient” vitamix blender finally bit the dust (yes I ordered a replacement one on eBay on the cheap.) So I’m roughing it and hand grinding grain for zucchini bread on Sunday.

Why not just wait until Sunday, you ask? 1) Friday I’m using as preparation day for the Sabbath and Feast of Trumpets 2) Hand grinding grain is NOT for the faint…and I’m about to pass out.

Hand crank grinder

There was a time in my life when I was a gym rat and I could bench press 74.4% of my total body weight. That time was my life BC (before children)

In fact, physical fitness became an idol for me for a while and pregnancy really tore that idol down, so for that, I’m incredibly thankful to my children. God has given me 4 gorgeous little weirdos and has shown me the temporal and fleeting nature of what I once so highly valued.

That said, I still believe it’s importnat to take care of our bodies- we’re just stewarding them after all- as the temples of the Holy Spirit. But I’m nowhere near the same person I was back in my weight training days. Now, I value what I call being “farm fit.” And my fellow homesteaders know exactly what I’m talking about.

Being farm fit means I can squat lift a bag of goat or chicken feed onto my shoulder and sling a toddler on my hip at the same time. I’ve done it. It’s possible. And it made me feel like a super hero.

It means being able to wrangle ornery goats through brush like you’re on a trail run when they decide they want that OTHER leaf…over there, a quarter acre away… Not the ones you’re standing next to while you’re trying to clip their lead on them…

It means operating a hand crank grain mill without passing out…or having my husband take over…I may have had my husband take over…

It means helping your husband split and stack firewood. While pregnant! (That one is mostly about technique, not necessarily brute strength)

It means still having the stamina to play with your kids outside after having done all the day’s chores.

And still having enough life left in you to have a conversation with your husband after the kids go to bed, without falling asleep on the couch.

I’m farm fit. I had a friend tell me I’d dropped all the baby weight already! My pre-pregnancy jeans beg to differ, but I realized how hard I work on a daily basis without feeling like I even do anything. Because I’m just doing what it takes to keep this place going, and as it happens, the “simple life” is harder than I thought!

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