Etsy Shop Updates

We’ve got some new lovelies in the Etsy shop!

Quilted coasters

And some UT ones, naturally, for football time in Tennessee!

Speaking of football time and tailgates, we’ve also added hickory nut husks for your autumn cookouts! They give a lovely hickory flavor and aroma to burgers, ribs, or smoked meats.

You can also toss a hand full on your coals of your woodburning fireplace or wood stove for a charming hickory aroma throughout the chilly winter months to come!

With this year’s hickory nut harvest abput to begin, stay tuned for listings or posts featuring our homestead’s most prolific nut!

And as always, we have heirloom varieties of our favorite garden seeds that did well for us in our East Tennessee climate. Our featured seeds include:

  • Oregon sugar snap peas
  • Pickling cucumbers
  • Waltham butternut squash
  • Luffa gourd
  • Hollyhock (white or black varieties)
  • Bachelor buttons (mixed colors)
  • Stringless green bean (bush)
  • Broadleaf sage
  • Mixed radish

And coming soon… Genovese basil!

Also on the horizon are some plants in time for fall planting including:

  • Comfrey root cuttings
  • Bare root strawberry plants
  • Iris tubers
  • Solomon’s seal root cuttings

I can’t describe how potently flavorful this basil was this year- I highly recommend harvesting at the full moon for optimal potency, flavor, and aroma.

If there’s ever anything you’re looking for but can’t find, comment below or message us at the Etsy shop and let us know!

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