Repurposed fabric: Curtain to Cross-back Apron

I’m thrifty. It’s a point of pride.

So when my neurotic border collie, Flynn, savagely chewed the corner of a 100% cotton curtain panel, it was too nice a fabric for me to waste it. 1) I replaced the nice curtains with a canvas drop cloth from Amazon. $12 vs $60? Yes, please.

2) Then, I decided to make an apron from the remains of the glorious cotton tab curtain.

I used the cross back apron pattern from Farmhouse on Boone.

I have to say, I’ve fallen in love with it. I don’t always wear skirts (though I’m beginning to transition my wardrobe that direction) so the romantic little ruffle at the bottom gives it a skirty, dressy feminine touch that I simply adore. Now, I feel fabulous as I wash the dishes.

The only diversions from the pattern were in my strap attachment, the ruffle construction, and pocket attachments. I inserted the strap into the first 1/2″ fold, and basically did a top stitched French seam so as to reinforce the attachment.

For the ruffle, I stitched it like the shoulder straps and pressed the seams flat because I had to stitch 2 strips together to achieve the correct length. So my finished ruffle instead of measuring roughly 6″ wide, it is more like 3.5-4″ wide and probably my favorite feature.

Aside from the pockets. Gotta love pockets.

Then with the pockets, I stitched an additional diagonal seam from the side seam to where the 1″ fold ended at the top to add a little durability to the pockets.

Seeing as my daughter thinks they’re her personal toe warmers, I’m glad I made that choice.

Toes in pockets prior to diagonal stitch

And it is now my favorite outer garment as it also makes a nice nursing cover. I’m super excited to have it as I slave away in the kitchen this holiday season.

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