What’s on the needles?

I’ve long read knitter blogs that chronicle gorgeous projects from cast on to cast off. And never before have I felt worthy to join their ranks. And I still don’t! But, as I have 3 scarves and a prayer shawl going, I thought I’d chronicle my progress. I imagine that 5 years from now me (should Jesus tarry that long) will get a kick out of looking back at my newbie struggles and saying, “oh, honey. You’ve come such a long way.”

So, here we go!

A year ago I thrift nabbed a comprehensive set of knitting needles. Short and long, US 3-12, dpns, and I went ahead and splurged on a set of circular needles just to have on hand.

And aside from a few cumulative hours spent casting on and making “softie swatches” for my baby to snuggle, I hadn’t done much aside from acquaint myself with basic stitches, techniques, and pattern terminology.

I am a crocheter first. And so I hold the yarn and needles like one accustomed to crochet. I do not care about Continental versus English. And I doubt I will. Neither seemed as efficient or comfortable in avoiding carpal tunnel flares. So I knit like I knit, and knitpickers be darned. (See what I did there?)

That first year, I rage quit a sock, and then picked up the needles again this fall when I thrift nabbed a big ol basket of “scrap” yarn stash to practice my skills on. Yay!

Scarf #1

Why did I decide to do anything with “intricate” color patterns? No clue. Way too ambitious. But- my 3rd child (2nd son) never really gets anything special for himself. His whole life is a series of 2nd bests and hand me downs. So, mama decided to go all out on his scarf in his favorite colors. Wish me luck! The chevron pattern is coming along, but my bobbin yarns are becoming hopelessly tangled… We’ll see if I can remedy that.

Scarf #2

Same scarf, different light. Weird, right? The yarn is not likely natural fiber, but it is soft. And it gave my eyes a break from the orange.

Scarf #3

Because I can’t do something for one kid without another feeling slighted, here’s scarf #3 for my oldest, who requested blue and green stripes. We’ll see.

Why cast on 3 scarves at once? So they all get worked on a bit at a time and finish relatively the same time so no one is impatiently waiting for their scarf. Also, I get bored easily. So this helps to remedy my burn-out.

I can’t find the prayer shawl I had started. But it is a hot mess, let me tell you. It was supposed to be basket weaved stockinette stitch. Well, it ended up basket weaved seed stitch. And a mess of dropped stitches, some of which I caught, others I haven’t. Mostly, it’s just what I go to when I need to practice a technique or skill I need for another project. And perhaps, by the time it’s finished, I’ll have mastered the basics.

After the scarves, my plan is hats. Not feeling quite up to mittens and socks yet until I master decreasing and pattern reading.

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