Happy Thanksgiving 2020

What a year, right?

I’m not even talking about the covid stuff.

I mean, just personally, for our family, it has been one ordeal after the next, and I know MANY families who’ve experienced the same thing, many of them to a higher degree than us.

I’m so thankful for my husband. I’ve been learning how to better submit to him, and allow him to lead me and there is no one on this earth I’d rather be with than him. He’s my person. And I love him beyond words.

I am so– hear me– SO grateful to God for our health this year.

Beyond just everyone being in good health, my husband is employed! Praise God for His provision.

I’m thankful for my children. They’ve grown so much- they are actually becoming my greatest asset around the homestead. I treasure reading to them, playing with them, cooking with them, and just talking with them while we take care of our animals together. They humble me. And they inspire me to be and do better each day.

I’m specially thankful for my beautiful daughter who’s experiencing her first Thanksgiving this year. She has brought us so much joy!

I’m thankful for my niece and all my nephews! Including the newest one added in October- he’s having his first Thanksgiving this year too!

I’m thankful for our goats. We haven’t had to buy milk for the last 6 months and that feels amazing. The milk they provide us is of such a higher quality, it doesn’t even compare.

I’m thankful for our home and that when the world is on fire (someplaces, literally), we have a haven and retreat where we all feel safe and loved.

I’m thankful for my mentor. Her relationship with me, albeit long distance has been so fruitful in teaching me, leading me into being a better, more godly wife and mother. She weekly pours wisdom into me, even when it isn’t necessarily convenient for her to do so. I treasure her.

I’m thankful for the skill sets I’ve been learning and honing over the last 5 years. From gardening, seed saving, fiber crafting, canning, cooking, sewing– all of it has proven immensely useful this year in particular. And that is even with me having dropped the diligence ball in the garden this season- having a newborn does that to me.

I’m thankful these new-to-me recipes I attempted turned out!

Homemade Cranberry Sauce
Mennonite Yeast Rolls

I’m thankful for God’s redemptive love, His steadfastness, His matchless grace in Jesus Christ. It has been a spiritually distracted year, one fraught with worry, frustration, and challenges. But He has been faithful in spite of my failures and shortcomings. He always is. I’m most thankful for Jesus Christ this year. He is my constant, my Rock.

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