Fencing Prep

We’ve accumulated all the matetials for our fencing!

Now we wait for the property survey so we can solidify the property boundaries. We chose to hire a local survey company for several reasons.

First, the plat map survey on file is over 50 years old, and the digitized copy we have is a little difficult to read.

Second, there are several anomalies which are not accounted for on our map. Along our back acerage, there is a house and a barn which are touching the roadside.

However, they are not shown on our plat map. There is also a boat being parked on what we assume is the neighbor’s property, but we can’t be 100% sure, and we need basically all the space we can get for pasturing our goats and God-willing, sheep within the next year or so. It will be nice to not have to bother with the tie-out stakes for the goats, though, all things considered, it worked fairly well for us.

But my hope for the distant future is to run an “access road”/ gravel drive up from the road through our back acerage, and a survey is the first step to seeing if that is even a possibility.

Also, on our eastern side, we do not know for certain if the fence belongs to us or our neighbors. We have logically deduced based on the side the posts are on that it technically should be our fence, however, it is oddly configured toward the north and cuts into the neighbor’s yard near their paved driveway…

Fence between our garden and the neighbor’s yard

…which, incidentally, I am told was poured over our water line that runs from the road to our house… Not a lot of logic went into the development of our neighborhood…

Anyway, once we have the survey done, most of our boundary questions should be answered and we should be able to begin setting fence posts with confidence that we are within our bounds, if you will. And in the meantime, we wait. It feels good to have made some measurable progress toward perimeter fencing.

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