New Etsy Item!: Meal Planner Digital Download


A project of mine that I’ve been working on for over a year is finally complete!

You can now get my personal (and therefore favorite) meal planner and grocery list traveler’s notebook insert!

This planner is designed for Bi-weekly (every two weeks) Meal planning and grocery lists.

Easily plan out your meals (dinners) for the month, list favorite breakfasts, lunches, and snacks for rotation throughout the month to make meal planning simple! The section for notes at the bottom of the Monthly Menu page allows you to note special dinners, meals out, or other reminders for hospitality/ kitchen management.

Then, based on your monthly meals, make a list of grocery items you need for each meal. The grocery items are split into sections based on grocery category, which makes your grocery trips quick, and succinct, so you can more readily avoid impulse buys and trips down unnecessary aisles for in-person trips, or avoid the monotonous and impulse-clicks on your scroll through items on your online orders.

You can find this digital download in our Etsy shop for $15! Your purchase includes instructions on printing and assembling your menu planner, as well as grants you lifetime access to 3 different color options which you can mix and match, and use again and again.

What I like to do is create a yearly archive. This way, I can plan once, and use last year’s menu plans as quick-start guides for the next year.

Or, you can print new ones each month and keep your family’s meals adventurous!

Check it out here!

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