Homestead Update

This is a brief one because we’re busy busy around here.

We’re focusing attention on setting up the market garden.

We had some compost delivered to speed up our soil ammendment process and we’re building up the rows.

In between 18″ rows, we will have 12″ woodchipped paths which will hopefully aid us in cultivation and harvesting.

And this is a BIG job to tackle mostly on my own until my husband can help on the weekend. The older two children were quite helpful in laying the cardboard foundation and filling wheelbarrows for me. My youngest son- God, give me grace and compassion for that boy because he is pushing all my limits. There has been a LOT of discipline and very little progress toward obedience. I remember my older two doing this also, so I’m trying to remember that it just takes consistency. Heaven help me- I’m just ready for a nap.

Anyway, we have cleaned up a large portion of the terrace garden, and the French drain, and swale.

This took an hour with my husband’s help. Prior to that, I’d been working in my available time for 4 days. Gotta appreciate man power.

The peach and nectarine trees are flowering and beautiful!

And all that remains is to direct sow and mulch for the spring crops once the danger for frost has past in about another week.

I constantly feel like I’m forgetting something. Usually, that something is to eat lunch. But I have been intentionally pursuing Christ and asking Him to order my days so that I can make the best possible use of my time. So long as I’m resting in Him, pursuing diligence, I know everything else will sort itself out.

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