Front Landscaping Makeover

Praise the Lord, my husband finished his final week of seminary.


We have our back line of fence posts in, we’ve got flooring getting put in Friday, and a driveway guy coming the next week to repair/grade some of the damage caused by the big rains last month.

That means my darling husband has been able to help me spruce up the front of the house.

Unfortunately, the front porch routinely becomes the “this needs to get thrown to the curb on trash day” spot… And it’s a LONG walk up the driveway. So we got it cleaned up today and just hauled all our junk in the pick up truck. Way easier.

Then I fought a battle against poison ivy and Virginia creeper that had started to take hold of our front steps and the front of the house. I’m positively covered in a rash, despite my best efforts. Fortunately, I have extremely effective herbal remedies for that.

We have really dramatic front steps. I want them to be dramatically beautiful, not dramatically hideous. So, I’ve got a hot mess of perennials to plant and a whole lot of rock the kids and I made a game of collecting out of our back woods. Who’dve thunk rolly polly bugs could’ve been such a miraculous motivator to lift rocks!

This is the 1st phase done. It will continue along the front side of the house.

Phase one: blue perennials amd rock terracing.

On the top of the hill, we plan on creeping phlox because that hill is WAY too steep to mow and even weed-eating it is a challenge for stability and balance.

Doing work in increments of about a 5-6 foot section each day, it’ll be fully planted by the end of the month! Or at least, that’s my hope.

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