Kitchen Remodel Progress

Remember way on back when I started griping and complaining and yanking out broken kitchen cabinet doors and drawers?

If not, you can read about my pining away for a new kitchen here.

Well, we’re finally able to make some headway. We wanted to do all of our renovations debt-free, because how much of your home do you actually own when you’re paying creditors for everything in it?

So we’ve finally come to the point of progress on the kitchen front.

First things first: cabinets. I have nothing nice to say about our current cabinets. They aren’t level, they’re broken, semi-rotting, and just plain ugly.

Lovely luan cutouts patching holes in the wood paneling on the walls
2x4s trying (and failing) to support and level thr dilapidated cabinets due to sinking subfloor
Icky floor and broken cabinet framing
Broken drawers
4 years ago kitchen (2016)

And since we have ripped up all the old flooring, it’s an even ickier sight to behold.

But, we picked up some unfinished cabinets and I’ve been working on those this afternoon.

Granite countertops we were given

And watching all the bits and pieces we’ve been collecting finally come together has been far more exciting than I anticipated. I suppose delayed gratification combined with having come through a rough month make for some really satisfying project successes.

In some even awesomer (awesomer? goodness…) news and for a neat display of God’s sense of humor and provision, I’d asked God for a new wall mounted farmhouse sink since the granite countertops we were given included a broken sink piece and isn’t useable with the sink we currently have. Well, I was grazing the goats in our back woods when I literally stumbled upon a lump in the dirt. After further inspection, I discovered it was a kitchen sink! I asked my husband to help me dig it out and we discovered it is a cast iron porcelain sink made in America circa 1923? If I’m reading the numbers on the bottom correctly, with no chips to speak of, very little rust, and only in need of a little love and elbow grease, and new hardware.

I took some measurements, and if those are accurate (which I’m pretty sure they are, the sink should fit with new cabinets and dishwasher to within 1/4″ inch! Perfect! Thanks, God! The Lord is pretty cool.

Our next steps are tearing out the old subfloor, putting in new subfloor, flooring, and cabinets, and then the pièce de résistance shall be the restored farmhouse sink.

Oh, I’m excited to watch all these pieces come together. And I’ve got more than enough to be getting on with so that’s all the blogging for which I now have the time. More to come!

2 thoughts on “Kitchen Remodel Progress

    1. Thank you! Blue speaks comfort to my soul. Best of luck during your remodel process! I try to remember it always looks uglier at first before it gets prettier 😉


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