Kitchen Renovation: Sink Progress

Our miraculous, divinely gifted rescue sink is coming right along.

After we dug it out of the back woods, I hosed it off and my husband helped me get rid of all the corrosion and rust.

The clean up process took about 2 or 3 hours spaced over 2 days.

Then I wiped it down with alcohol and a clean cloth and primed it.

And once it had been primed (2 coats, just to be on the safe side) it was ready for a gray gloss enamel.

Once the paint cures, it’ll be ready to flip over and begin the porcelain restoration phase.We have on order a sink restoration kit from Bathworks, and I have high hopes for that process.

We did find as we removed all the dirt and rust that there were a few small scrapes/chips in the sink along the edges which the bathworks kit should be able to patch. Then the fun part of hardware and fixtures!

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