Project Progress and New Additions

So much has happened so quickly.

Here’s the long and short of it.

My favorite thing that’s happened is that my oldest son and I (he’s six, y’all) built this rabbit tractor.

Helmer loving outdoor life

My favorite part of building it was watching my boy take on self-confidence and responsibility. We ended with something he could be proud of. The bracing isn’t perfect. There were split pieces of wood. And lots of stripped screws. But the rabbits don’t care about the imperfections, anf it is functional. So I let go of perfectionism so that I could allow my son the opportunity to build and experience the satisfaction of completing a project.

We have also expanded our rabbit “herd” into a (hopefully) functional rabbitry!

Meet Abigal, baby 1 and baby 2

And Chip

Abigal is a blue silver fox rabbit and chip is a silvered black silver fox. Their kits are both blacks, and we’re hoping to get the lilac and blue genetics from Abigal.

The rabbits are kind of my husband’s deal. I’m having to do some mental high hurdles to consider these cute fluffy things as food. I’ve always been ok with the idea of going vegetarian if meat becomes scarce. But… My husband doesn’t share that sentiment. So, we have meat rabbits now.

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