Homestead Update and Kitchen Remodel Progress

Wow. Allow me to pause for a moment to let my head stop spinning.


It has been a whirlwind couple of days for us. We had a few fellas from church come out to help us put in the new floor. But what they actually did surpassed even my wildest expectations and honestly I’m tearing  up thinking about it. First came demo.

Cleaning out cabinets
My handsome husband getting the paneling and hanging cabinets gone
Old cabinets and sink gone, new subfloor in
Leveling the floor

Then, they asked me what my ideal kitchen set up would be. I did a rough rendering, and they started making it happen! I could’ve fainted with delight. They even rewired my outlets and raised them up above counter height from the floor- which means I don’t have to use an extension cord for the blender, crock pot, grain mill, or yogurt maker.

While they did that inside, my husband went to work outside clearing a mess of downed pine limbs, hanging up the rabbit cages, and trimming up our homestead namesake, the Shaggy Maple in the back yard.

THE Shaggy Maple
Chip, Helmer, and Abigal in their newly mounted cages.

Meanwhile, I wrangled children, and painted the sink. But for dramatic effect, here’s before:


And— dum duh da DUH!!!

Sink after:


Unfortunately, mess like sawdust, leaves, and a pretty stubborn fly got stuck in the enamel as it was at it’s stickiest in the drying phase… So… I’m moving my work to the basement now that rabbits and ventilation are no longer an issue, and I shall re-etch, prime, and paint le masterpiece. But- I will say that I am positively thrilled at how it turned out; biscuit was indeed the right call on color, and the kit was excellent. My only complaint about the kit was that the chip repair compound was small and I probably should have ordered 2, and the paint roller was flimsy and the roller kept popping off the handle which gave me grief in having to redo scuffs and streaks left in the paint caused by the roller slipping off. Otherwise, I completely recommend Bathworks refinishing kit.

In livestock news, we’ve decided to castrate our buckling, Tumnus at 8 weeks (so next week) and hold on to him as a whether pen mate for future buck, and as extra land clearance. Have I mentioned we have a lot of kudzu? It has already engulfed the fence posts we drove a couple weeks ago… Those need to be cleaned off so we can get the fence stretched. Speaking of fence, my electric field fence needs repairs which have been neglected due to all the other urgent projects, which is why we have gone back to tethering. I unquestionably prefer the field fencing, it is easier, and IMO safer, and less involved with daily maintenance. So I am excited to hey the perimeter fence stretched and be able to use the field fencing for individual

We have also set up chicken quarrantine. Of the 5 little ones we’ve had brooding, only 2 remain. I came home after having been graciously hosted by a friend while the kitchen was a hot mess only to find another chickie dead. She was a beautiful red bird, and was my favorite- but she was the weakest and and she didn’t make it. I’m thinking the stress from their move and integration with my flock triggered parasite bloom or the stress weakened their immune systems and they experienced a coccidia overgrowth. So after 3 days of CoRid, the remaining 2 birds look alright and have perked up quite a lot. They’ll stay quarrantined for about 2 weeks and meanwhile we’ve cleaned the coop and will be dumping a ton of grass clippings in the run so that the nitrogen will burn up bacteria and what not. This is the first time I’ve ever experienced this kind of illness in my chicken flock so I’m doing a lot of reading and research to learn all I a

So this is where we are so far:

Semi-usable cabinetry

I love the openness of the room now, but there is still MUCH work to be done.

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