Holiday Market Preparations

Our MOPs holiday market is scheduled for the 2nd week in November. That means I’m planning and preparing all of my crafting items and seeds to sell.

I think my favorite items this year came about out of happenstance. We had odds and ends bits of flooring left over after our Kitchen project. Some of which will be saved as we still have to finish out the hallway. But the pieces that were too small or slightly asymmetrical kept catching my eyes.

I decided to turn them into Scripture wall hangings

I had forgotten how much I enjoyed painting. These two were the first ones finished and I have several more to go.

I’ve also decided to knit hats. I have a favorite pattern I discovered last year and It will be a good way to bust the bits and bobs of my yarn stash.

Baby bear, amazed by the snow outside
Favorite hat

That, and I’ve decided to start making granny squares out of the smaller remnants of yarn and hopefully have a very ecclectic afghan eventually.

I also have a favorite doilie pattern which I discovered in making a gift for a very dear friend. It has yielded some really beautiful pieces, so I may make some more of those as well. I’m a big fan of Expression Fiber Arts yarn. It’s one of those special things I treat myself with and I usually try to work in the more extravagantly dyed skein into otherwise plain projects. There’s a shawl I’m working on for example that is coming together nicely, with alternating rows of solid green, brown, and “cinnamon tea” yarn. I have another ball that will be contrasting sleeves on a sweater I’m making for my youngest daughter. All that to say, there are ways to work higher quality yarns into your budget and projects to get the most of your yarn and money. The only things you want to watch are that you make sure your yarns are the same fiber composition and weight so your guage is consistent throughout your project, and your finished project doesn’t block or shrink weirdly.

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