Project Completed: Hoodie Shawl

Apparently I’m one of those people who can’t just follow a pattern. As such, this shawl has morphed through 3 different patterns and designs to become what it is today, an unforseen masterpiece.

For starters, I was just going to knit a simple seed stitch shawl. I figured, the yarn was “fancy” enough without my help, so I wanted to let it be the star of the show.

Well… Seed stitch takes FOREVER to make any progress… So I casted off all my stitches after about 20 rows, and switched to crochet to finish it up. The most marvelous increases happened as I did that, and it led to this flaring that I thought would be perfect for working in a shell and wave stitch pattern. One problem, my shells and waves needed multiples of 12+4 stitches. So… I winged it. And then I thought, well this shell and wave is great, but it doesn’t have a lot of substance to it. So I added in a few rows of half double crochet to break up the shells and waves, and add a little more structure. I then thought, you know, this should come to a point in the back, rather than be straight across. So I worked a “corner” into the center back by using a “stitch, chain 1, stitch” pattern. So when it was hcd, the center stitch would get a hdc, ch1, hdc, and then repeat the remainder of the pattern, and I had to adjust the shells and waves accordingly to work the ch 1 space in.

The hood was a mathematical challenge as well as a continuity challenge. I was short 1 stitch for the shell pattern, but to make it attach to the body of the shawl, I had to sacrifice that one stitch… So, I winged it. I did a hdc rectangle, folded in half and joined the short sides. Then I added a shell and wave border to tie it in to the rest of the shawl.

What resulted was the most perfect shaping I could’ve hoped for. It sorta looks like the Batman emblem, right? Incidentally, we call our daughter “Princess Batman” because she wants to be a superhero with her brothers, but she prefers to do so with pink, sparkles, and if at all possible, lots and lots of tulle.

It’s blocking now, and I’m really pleased with how the stitches opened up.

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