Homestead Update

With my Grandpa here, and his hands refusing idleness, we managed to get the hoop coop finished!

It was really neat watching the guys outside working on everything together, teaching my son as they went. And the Chickies love their new, more spacious home.

I’ve been having a BLAST taking advantage of our off week on homeschool with just as much enjoyment as my kiddos. Except instead of playing in mud with sticks and rocks like them, I’ve been immersing myself in yarn and learning the in’s and out’s of my machines.

I’ve got a few time-sensitive projects that I’m whipping up for holiday market, including crochet hair scrunchies,

and “treasure pouches” which were one of my Grandma’s favorites to take to Harvest Festival at her church. They sold like hot cakes!

I’ve also been working on my daughter’s birthday presents. Since we did a “milestone” celebration for my oldest son on his 5th, I’ve got in mind to do the same for my daughter. I’m finishing up a hooded shawl she had requested ages ago when I told her I had in mind to make her a sweater. She said, “A sweater!? Can I have a shawl instead? With a hoodie??” Sure baby girl, if I can figure it out. I’m sort of going about it like a heel for a sock but on a larger scale. It’s gonna be super cute though once it’s all blocked.

Body of the shawl, unblocked

And I have on my cutting table another T-shirt dress for her, since she adores the purple one I made her last year. Now I just need to find her some cute little boots to go with it.

And through it all, I’m punctuating each day with joy and taking note of the beauty of the autumn season. There was a gorgeous sunrise over our swale this morning. The mist played beautifully with the early morning light and it is one of my favorite times of day.

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