Lessons from the Garden & Updates

My oldest and I did a few things outside this morning because gardening season is upon us, and because sometimes, the best education is conversation.

The whole time, he talked with me, asking me questions about Scripture, and noticing things in nature and relating that to God– it was amazing.

We added woodchips around the border of the garden fence and moved the berry bushes we started last year to their new forever home. We will plant them in a couple more weeks at the optimal time for root growth, so as to alleviate some of the shock to the plants.

He said to me, as we finished up the last cart load, “Mom, I love it here. It’s so beautiful, and God has given us so many good plants; He’s such a good God.”

And THAT made the whole endeavor worthwhile. He’s getting it! And he’s getting to know our Creator, and that is so rewarding to me as a parent to watch my children grow in the Lord.

The animals are thriving. We put the baby bunnies on some fresh grass today in the tractor to give Mama a bit of a break. She seemed very much appreciative.

And I’m empathetic with miss Luna as she and I are both super pregnant, and tired, and hot- we’ve had 2 near 80° days so far already!

She is at 141 days gestation, and I’m estimating about another week or week and a half until she kids. I’m only expecting one kid from her based on her size, but I suppose only time will tell. We’re praying it’s a girl!

The others are busy at work clearing out an area that gets pretty overgrown for us. And they’re loving the purple dead nettle, and cleavers, and red bud, tulip poplar, and sassafras shoots.

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