Updates and Summer Workshop Series 2022!!!

I am REALLY excited about this year’s summer workshop series, because I’ve found a way to make it more accessible.

So because of parking limitations, and consideration for my neighbors has in the past limited the number of in-person classes/workshops I can do at one time, in addition to me having a boatload of little children who need my eyeballs on them nearly constantly, I was praying about a way to share our experiences and wisdom gained to a broader range of folks who may be hurting for the info these days, but also for the proof that the methods work beyond well-captured YouTube footage.

For all those reasons, I’ve decided to host the Summer Workshop Series through our farm website as a series of podcasts with downloadable content for you to utilize as you go! And better yet- it’s all FREE! God put it on my heart to give freely because that is how HE gave to us.

The Summer Workshop Series 2022 schedule is as follows:

June 4- Episode 1: Herbalism 101; Basics of Home Herbal Medicine

July 1- Episode 2: Relational Permaculture & land works

August 5- Episode 3: Low-cost Livestock; How to Raise your own Food and Keep Costs Down

September 2- Episode 4: Homesteaducation; Ideas for Experiential Learning

This way, you can listen at your own pace, take notes, and only focus in on the topics you really need/want to explore.

Throughout the series, the links to downloads will be available on our farm website as well as in the show notes on the specific podcast episodes. I decided to set it up in such a way that you have a month to work through the content of each episode, and there will be giveaways at the end of each month!

Plus! As a bonus, I plan on a Q&A episode following the workshop series. To have your questions answered in the episode, and to be eligible for the giveaways, simply subscribe to our email list (we send less than one email a month, so no inbox spamming!) to send us your questions by September 23, 2022

Visit us at https://shaggymaplehomestead.com

And the grand prize giveaway this year is one of my favorites- Garden in a box!! Where we’ll send you our self-saved seeds to start your own garden, along with a free copy of our Homestead Management Binder!

I look forward to all of the ways we can grow and connect this summer, and build up a community of like-minded folks seeking to honor God in all we do on the Homestead!

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