Bathroom Update DIY

I’ve been working a little as I’m able on updates throughout the house. My biggest focuses have been on areas with damage, or excessive wear and tear, and I’ve been doing it all whilst keeping small children alive and educated and fed, and nearing the end of pregnancy.

The master bathroom is in need of a complete and total overhaul…but that’s out of the question at this point in time what with prices being what they are, my current state of pregnancy, and my husband’s workload. So, I decided to do a few inexpensive updates to get it into functional order prior to home birthing this baby- something tells me I’m going to be spending quite a bit of time in there.

So here it is with side by side photos, before and afters so far.

Floor: before and after

Both flooring types were peel and stick tiles. The new wood look tiles I got from Lowe’s for about $4. I still have to do around the door, vanity, air vent, and toilet- but that’s detail work that has to be done when I can give it my full attention without children awake. I’m amazed at how much the floor serves to brighten the entire room!

Walls: before and after

I repaired the cracks in the walls, and gave it a fresh coat of Behr premium plus, semi-gloss paint (which I was gifted) in Oyster. So in all, my whole bathroom Update has cost me $4, and sweat equity.

And while the wall/tub tile needs love (fresh grout at least, and to be replaced with something less 1970s at most) I can totally live with the powder blue because my shower curtain totally ties it together.

My plan was to build some pallet wood shelving for above the sink/counter, and to repaint the vanity and change out the hardware. Baby steps, y’all! Having a clear vision in mind of what I want it to look like motivates me to keep going, as do the satisfying before and after photos.

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