Happy 6th Birthday, Boo Bear!

Oh my goodness. The night you were born, I was completely unprepared! You came sooner than expected, and I feel as if that characterizes the majority of our relationship. Your questions take me off guard, and I’m rarely prepared for your big thoughts and poignant comments.

Where have the last 6 years flown, my sweet baby boo? You have grown into such a little lady. You’re even more lovely than the day you were born. And while you’re still petite and sweet, I suppose you have grown a little bit. Just like dynamite packs a big boom in a small package, so you too possess a powerful and determined spirit inside a slight frame.

My prayer for you is that you always keep that fire inside; that drive and passion to think independently, to ask questions, and to pursue the Truth.

Don’t sweat the small stuff, girlie. Reading will come with time and practice, and the vacuum cleaner won’t always be so much bigger than you. Treasure this time of your childhood; don’t wish it away! It is a beautiful time of carefree liberty to explore your world, to spend time with your brothers and sisters, and to enjoy life without complications. That doesn’t mean there won’t be dark days, or hard times. We are promised both in God’s Word. But we are also promised that He will never leave, nor forsake us, and that He will be our Good Shepherd through even the worst of circumstances.

You have the most compassionate heart I have ever known, and your passion to build up and bless others is inspiring to me. Never lose that softness, that tenderness of heart. It will serve you well as a mother to your own children some day, God willing.

You humble me, you encourage me, you inspire me to be a more godly woman, to grow into the biblical picture of femininity, of strength that comes through a gentle and quiet spirit, of diligence, and a sharp mind and positive attitude.

I love you, sweet girl. Happy Birthday!

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