Safely Tethering Dairy Goats

When you're looking for a way to restrain your goats but don't have sturdy perimeter fencing, goat tethering may be the way to go. There are a few things to consider before you tether your goats so that you do it in such a way as to ensure the animal's health and safety. MaterialsThe following … Continue reading Safely Tethering Dairy Goats

Teaching Your Toddler

My son is a great kid.  I don't mean he's perfectly behaved or never throws tantrums. Quite the opposite actually. He's just really great at being a kid; really loud, curious, smiley, goofy, weird, sticky, tactless, sticky, and did I mention curious? When I was working in North Carolina as a substitute teacher and subsequently … Continue reading Teaching Your Toddler

My Gardening Boo-Boos

Just a few words of wisdom coming from a place of having learned the hard way... 1) Inventory your seed storage early in January. Keep a log of the seeds you have saved and stored, the years you stored them, and approximate seed count. This will save you the heartache of thinking you  have, for … Continue reading My Gardening Boo-Boos