Year 1 Evaluation of Back to Eden Experience

I wanted to evaluate my first year experience with the Back to Eden garden. I decided to break the experience into sections: preparation, planting, productivity, weeding and watering, overall experience. My rating scale is from 1-10 with 1 being unsuccessful and 10 being absolute success. The effort to reward ratio will be covered in the … Continue reading Year 1 Evaluation of Back to Eden Experience

Outside Day

My son heard the words, "work outside" and he decided he was ready to go. On the docket for today is swale digging! I marked out the land contour last weekend so this weekend my husband is taking the opportunity to begin digging. I have to admit, when I put time and effort into researching … Continue reading Outside Day

Marking Land Contour Lines

Ive decided I missed my calling in working with permaculture and land design elements, so I'm sprinting to catch up to it. We have to dig a swale on the property to control water flow across the land and to divert it away from our garden area.  First I had to determine the contour lines … Continue reading Marking Land Contour Lines