Building a Reclaimable Compost Bin

My family and I live in a rental home currently and doing any major planting or building is frowned upon. That said, we are contractually responsible according to our lease for the maintenance and beautification of the property. With that in mind, I set out to design and build a “reclaimable” compost bin. Ideally, I want one more permanent in my long-term homestead, but with this design, it is super easy for nature to take it over should the owner not desire a more permanent structure on the property. This way, I make use of my composting materials and I no longer have to store it in coffee cans in my basement.

Step One: Location
I had to determine where to build it. I decided in the middle of existing “tree line” because it is away from the house, and not in the middle of the yard

Step Two: Dimensions
I thought for our trial run, we’d start small. The bin I built is about 2x1x2, with half the height below ground level, and half above so only one foot shows above the grass.

Step Three: Materials
Because I want it organic and reclaimable by nature, I opted for fallen limbs and sticks already on the property instead of treated wood, so my materials were free and readily available. It isn’t as sturdy as something built out of 2x4s and nails by any means, but again, that’s kind of the point; I just wanted a rough containment.

Step Four: Building
This was the most challenging part because of the brittleness of the sticks and my son’s refusal to cooperate. He was not a happy camper watching Mama play with sticks and dirt. 😦 but the construction itself was pretty simple. I dug a 2x1x1 foot hole, drove 4 branches in the corners, 4 crisscross sticks on each long side, and 2 on each short side. Then I interwove sticks of various sizes to create the containment of the bin.





There are two more steps I haven’t gotten to yet, but I will cover them in a part 2 of this post, and they are:
Step Five: Utilization
Step Six: Pest Deterrent
I have a lot of scrap veggies, straw and bunny poo to get composting, so I’ll finish that up here within the week.

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