I’m Not Judging You…

Ugh… my top 3 least favorite phrases in circulation right now are, “don’t judge,” “you do you,” and any form of “body positivity.”

I’ll tackle them one at a time.

“Don’t judge!” A favorite of Christians and non-Christians alike. What they actually mean is, don’t tell me I’m wrong, don’t disagree with my opinion, and if you do disagree with me, I’m automatically going to feel offended, victimized, and need access to a safe space and plenty of feel-good SJW propaganda (regardless of fact.)

Have we really strayed so far from civil discourse that we can no longer even exposit ideas without being condemned  intolerant, bigoted, racists?? It’s truly pathetic. Feelings trump reason, experience trumps reality, and emotion trumps the truth. Grow up! Start taking personal responsibility for yourself and your beliefs. Mommy and daddy stopped being responsible for your problems the moment you turned 18 and became viewed as an adult by the state. And stop using the state as your personal security blanket! Crying to the federal government every time you get your feelings hurt won’t solve your problems. Therapy may not even do that… a larger government with more fingers in our already miniscule civil-liberty pie is not the answer. I know plenty of people who have overcome outrageous adversity and become productive and successful members of society without having to be handed everything. If you want multi-culturalism, if you want pluralistic society, if you want diversity, you can’t have equanimity- it literally contradicts everything else you claim you stand for. And for the record, I’m not judging you, I’m discerning that you’re incoherent and fundamentally wrong!

“You do you,” I assume this means that everyone should embrace their individuality and lifestyle. What it actually ends up meaning is “you enjoy the fruits of whatever exististential, hedonistic lifestyle you choose, regardless of how self-destructive it may be and I’ll sit over here and keep my mouth shut while I virtually do the same.” Which is fine, if we want a morally ambiguous and relativistic society. You want a fringe lifestyle for yourself? Fine. But don’t expect the rest of society to conform to your outlying ideals. Stop preaching forced acceptance as tolerance, and stop being offended when the majority confirms that you’re living outside the norm. Stop propagandizing false statistics in attempts to discredit the rest of society and victimize yourself for the choices you make. And stop thinking hashtags have anything whatsoever to do with actual activism… they don’t.

“Body positivity” or “healthy body image” both make me want to hurl. Let’s build a society that is based on scientific discovery and innovation in the realm of personal health. Then let’s just throw all that away in the interest of not offending anyone with the truth. If you are 5’2″ and weigh over 300 pounds, you should not have a positive body image; conversely, if you purge and diet to the point of malnutrition your body is grossly unhealthy. How do I know that? Science and medicine have linked obesity with endless metabolic diseases as well as infertility; the same is true of being severely underweight as starvation mode kicks in and bodily functions shut down. How about instead of sitting on the couch wallowing in depression at being called obese, you get off your bum and walk a block or two? Stop shoveling down pints of ice cream (which happens to be my biggest vice) and eat a salad (which I hate, but I choke down anyway because it’s good for me) Why not try a balanced diet with moderate exercise? Oh the majority of the country is overweight? It’s too hard? Well then shame on us. Shame on the industry that allows people to subsist on grossly unhealthy foods to keep them dependent on prescription medications. Shame on consumers for continuing to buy crap, encouraging manufacturers who are more concerned with their bottom line profits than the overall health and well-being of their customers. Shame on the system that keeps healthy food options outrageously priced but junk food dirt cheap, relegating the poor to low quality and sub-standard nutrition.

How about if we stop accommodating every destructive behavior and start demanding that society be civilized? How about we quit lowering everyone’s standards and actually strive for excellence? Oh, right. Because some people will get their feelings hurt when someone out performs them. Deal with it. There will always be someone more beautiful, more talented, more intelligent, more sophisticated, more successful than you. And if there isn’t, congratulations, you’re on top; watch that your arrogance doesn’t get the best of you. 

4 thoughts on “I’m Not Judging You…

  1. This is a great top three! The last one is a for sure with me. And we all judge . . .don’t temporarily ride the high pony acting all that!


    1. The point I was trying to make is that there are differences between the words “discernment” and “judgment” discernment is looking at what is and making a rational decision based on fact. “Judgment” denotes a finality and ultimately either condemnation or vindication – which I believe ultimately belongs to God. So, I would counter that we all discern daily because it’s necessary for survival, and legitimately judging other people based on outwardly observable characteristics is not our duty.

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