Moving Day

I have a date. I have the date which will be our last in our current residence. What I don’t have is a NEW residence.

But, more important than that, I DO have faith in God to provide perfectly for my family and me just as he has done since I can remember. We have never wanted for food or shelter, though there are times we could have.

My testimony is this: God has been faithful to provide for all my needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus. Amen!

So many scriptures resound in my mind. Particularly the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt. Their journey by distance should only have taken 5-6 weeks. Yet because of their doubt and disobedience to God, they wandered around the desert for 40 years! I caught myself thinking back on past events and wishing God would have let us stay where we were… much like the Israelites when not days after escaping the bondage of slavery in Egypt they were begging to return to opression rather than trust God to care for them. I don’t want that. I have come to understand that the short way around may bypass some of life’s biggest lessons. I’ve also learned that obedience to God immediately and willingly and humbly produces much quicker results that are better than any I could’ve concocted on my own.

Much in the way Abram and Sarai left their home to follow God to the place he would lead them, if I knew the details, I might not go. So I’m choosing to rest in not knowing, with the knowledge that God knows what he’s doing and is omniscient and sovereign over all things.

So my plan of action is to pack up my house because I have to, and to continue living my life in a way that honors God first and foremost and that proclaims Jesus Christ as Lord of my life.

And I’m so excited to share that journey with you.

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