Children, Go Where I Send Thee.

What. A. Week. Just an absolute crap fest of a week. My life proves Murphy’s quantum Law:

“Murphy’s Quantum Law: Anything that cancould have, or will go wrong, is going wrong, all at once. If there are two or more ways to do something, and one of those ways can result in a catastrophe or pregnancy, then someone will do it.”

So there are a number of things I could complain about but for the sake of my Christian witness, I’ll just sum it up in that my family and I have been enormously inconvenienced by the revelation of our impending move. 

Good news is, we have found a potential residence, but the bad news is it’s currently occupied, we have yet to officially begin the purchase process, and the interior is a complete time warp to 1970- shag carpet and all…

I found myself today dealing with a napless teething toddler (I don’t advise it to anyone) while trying to complete daily house work, in addition to packing, cleaning, all the while giant trees were being hacked down and chipped in front of the house.I still managed to have my quiet time with God, though be it punctuated with sounds of wood chippers, crewmen shouting, and one mistaken realtor attempting to show the house without giving any prior notice. (As it turns out, the address to be shown was incorrect, so all that resulted from the encounter was a prematurely awakened and angrier teething toddler.)

I ended up reading in 2 Kings 5 about Naaman and Gehazi and discovered much about myself.

My Sunday school class is doing a study on how to study the Bible. I mention that only to say that the methodology of observation, interpretation, and application helped me to glean more from this passage than I might have previously.

Anyway, the two characters of Naaman and Gehazi, as pointed out by Ravi Zacharias in his “Just Thinking” segment today made two big mistakes of which i myself am often guilty.

They were that Naaman in his unbelief was willing to go God’s way, if God would go his (Naaman’s) way. And that Gehazi went his own way and then tried to make it look as if he went God’s way.

I stopped to pray again over our housing situation, not out of worry or fear or anything like that- I fully believe God will handle it in His perfect timing and I am walking closely with him so that I can rightly discern his good, pleasing and perfect will. I prayed to confess to God that my tendency is so often to make plans and then beg God to bless them. That isn’t faith. I thanked God for the strength of faith he had given me to trust Him and for allowing me to be guided by His voice, and for leading me spiritually through my husband.

I learned today what my tendencies are and because I struggle to rest in not knowing, I end up cheating myself out of rich blessings God has for me, and sometimes even bringing negative consequences on myself because of disobedience and attempting to force my will in opposition to God’s will.

My will and my circumstances are often barriers to full belief and trust in God. I pray that I and those like me will ask God to tear down those barriers within us so that we can be the Church, the Body of Christ as he always intended. Amen.

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