Big Brother

My little lady is due in 3 weeks. As such, my little man is feeling my anxiety and anticipation of our baby girl’s arrival.

I have 3 siblings, all of whose births I remember. Each one was surreal as I met a new life that would change mine forever. I know this is a huge deal for my little guy, even though he may be too young to remember life prior to his little sister. He’ll be a big brother forever. All of our lives will change as we adjust to having a new family member. 

My biggest concern is that my son doesn’t feel ignored or neglected so I’ve been really trying to prepare him by eliciting his help opening baby shower gifts and putting away baby clothes and items. 

He’s been such an awesome helper. My mother-in-law helped further by sending him two books in a care package for both little ones.

One is called My New Baby and the other is I am a Big Brother. Both address the “big brother’s” role in helping to care for the new baby and acclimating to sharing parental attention. We have even had friends from church who have gotten him gifts along with gifts for baby girl so that he doesn’t feel unimportant or left out. It’s been such a blessing.

 My son runs around the house now pointing to all of his little sister’s things and saying, “bay-beee!” 
It will be an adjustment for us all, learning a different schedule and new time management. But, we have an immense circle of support coming from friends and family, so I know it will be just fine.

In the mean time, I’m giving all the snuggles and face time I can to my little man, and making sure he knows he is loved. And we’ll do the same with his baby sister when she arrives.

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