Laying the Garden

I did some research on self-sustainability and how much space it takes to garden enough food to feed a family of 4. I happened upon this nifty infographic:

This was really helpful and eye-opening as far as bringing to light what exactly our intentions are for our homestead. We have just over 5 acres at our disposal, most of which is still pretty thickly wooded. In the words of the internet installation guy, “man, them trees ain’t no joke!”

Which brought up the question, how much land do we need to clear to have the livestock that we want? Right now, the answer to that one is “just the trouble trees.” A trouble tree for us is one that is 1) diseased or dead 2) casting too much shadow on gardening land 3) in danger of falling (dead branches, leaning close to the house, storm damaged etc.)

So for now, our plans for spring are large garden, chickens, and bees.

We’ve begun to lay out the garden area.

We have a 25×15 ft² area so far. My husband manually moving everything while I’m 9 months pregnant watching and coming up with “jobs” for our one year old makes the work slow down a good bit. BUT- it’s coming along. We’re already seeing improvement in the soil (I pushed back some mulch and took a peek- crickets and worms! Yay!

More to come

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