My Early Bird/ Happy Thanksgiving

It’s been an interesting week. Our daughter decided to make her debut 3 weeks early. Or rather, our doctor decided to induce for her and my health and safety. Long story short, I was totally unprepared for her early arrival, save for my hospital bag and her carseat already in the car.

It’s been an outrageous adjustment period, but comparatively speaking, I’ve had a much easier go than with my first pregnancy/labor/delivery.

That said, we’re hoping she bulks up pretty quickly as we’ve had concerns with her eating and being jaundiced and premature. My 5 pound 12 ounce little princess is doing much better today though, as are the rest of us. My little man has had a rough time adjusting to sharing parental attention, but as usual, my husband has been our super hero, picking up the slack around the house and helping me at every turn.

Our next big adventure is Thanksgiving where we will host our first holiday in our new home with plenty of family around. I regret to inform them that they’ll be sleeping amongst half unpacked boxes and piles of unsorted odds and ends I hadn’t gotten to before our little one was born. And that’s okay. Because in all of this mess of parenting and homestead establishing, I’ve learned that perfection is illusive. We’re more about being functional and practical.

So, while the house isn’t as clean or organized as I would like it to be, I’ve got what I need and then some. And I can’t imagine being any more thankful for that than I already am. 

Love and Blessings, and Happy (early) Thanksgiving!

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