Still Back to Eden Gardening!!

It’s December and I’m still puttering in the garden… Ugh. 

I finally sat down last week and did the math for the space per veggie we need. Since this spring will be mostly a trial year, we’re only growing the basics (tomatoes, cucumbers, greens, peas, beans, radishes, squash/zucchini, carrots, cruciferous veggies, sunchokes) and then judging from that we’ll determine what we liked, disliked, worked, failed, needs improvement, etc.

So I was hauling woodchips from my composting mulch forest into the designated garden plot. I need to add ultimately another 15×15 foot plot, and then theoretically I should be good on planting space. Worst case scenario, I grow less than planned. We’ve decided on growing potatoes in pots/raised beds to save some of our back to eden area for other things we use lots of, like tomatoes and carrots.

This is what I have going on in the mulch piles

It’s super dark and rich and moist earthiness in there guys!!! And that’s all going in my garden to break down and make the soil happy! I’m so excited I can’t stand it. As I was shoveling it into the wheelbarrow (which, note to self, we definitely need a riding mower with wagon attachment, or ATV because wheelbarrow and a snow shovel are slow going…) I could feel the heat in the center of the piles radiating out. It’s about 50°F outside and the chips were at least 5-10°F warmer. And it just smells earthy and fabulous.

Anyway, I got about a 5×10 foot area done before my little ones woke up from napping (baby monitors are great tools to have) and I raked some leaves onto the plot I already had woodchipped. So it’s getting there, a little at a time. Hopefully I can get the rest knocked out before any serious rains or snows come my way.

I have a few pots outside as well that have my mint, lemon balm, elderberry, and Egyptian walking onions in them. I’ve been deep mulching them as well with leaves and grass clippings and you know what I saw today? 

NEW GROWTH!! in December!!!😮 It’s incredible. I can hardly believe how spectacular the deep mulching is.

So anyway, that’s where we are with all our gardening and hopefully we can get the rest finished up this week.

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