Organization, Shmorganization

I like to consider myself educated with high minded ideals. One of those ideals is organization in my home.

Unfortunately, at this point it’s only an ideal and not my reality. I have bits of organizational success here and there, but as a general rule (in the last 3 months anyway) my life has been a massive hodgepodge of either useless crap or useful necessities which I have no designated place to store.

I’ve been working in my spare moments between reading, feeding, and diapering my toddler and newborn on unpacking boxes and putting away the things we use and throwing out the rubbish I can’t remember why we bothered packing at all.

Yesterday’s task was the laundry room/closet and garage. I didn’t any means finish up the garage, but I can say I at least made a dent in the piles of accumulated things.

The laundry room was interesting. It is a sort of mud room connecting the kitchen and garage. It isn’t climate controlled though, so I find myself bundling up and putting on boots to switch the laundry from the washer to the dryer. The work needed yesterday was finding places for a Rubbermaid container full of dryer vent hoses and dryer cords (it seems everywhere we have lived has had a different outlet)

I found places for them in the garage, which I had created by cleaning off shelves and sorting through unboxed tools and jugs of antifreeze.

Pictures to follow.

There are great mounds of empty boxes we mean to burn for the purpose of adding the ash to our garden, but in light of the dry conditions it seems imprudent to do so at the present time.

My kitchen is still below my standard of organizational expectation, but knowing where everything is located is a vast improvement… Even if most of my silverware is MIA…

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