Organization, Shmorganization

I like to consider myself educated with high minded ideals. One of those ideals is organization in my home. Unfortunately, at this point it's only an ideal and not my reality. I have bits of organizational success here and there, but as a general rule (in the last 3 months anyway) my life has been … Continue reading Organization, Shmorganization

Still Back to Eden Gardening!!

It's December and I'm still puttering in the garden... Ugh.  I finally sat down last week and did the math for the space per veggie we need. Since this spring will be mostly a trial year, we're only growing the basics (tomatoes, cucumbers, greens, peas, beans, radishes, squash/zucchini, carrots, cruciferous veggies, sunchokes) and then judging … Continue reading Still Back to Eden Gardening!!