Homestead Project #3

Compost bin! 

As always, gardening is a year round thing for us. If we aren’t actively growing, then we are germinating, stratefying, or composting. Today our focus is composting. 

My husband is building a bin. Yay! I built a reclaimable bin last year, which aside from being successfully reclaimed by the construction crew that kicked it over and filled it in, was only semi useful to me because I didn’t get to use any of the composted material in a garden. But, valuable experience was gained, so que sera sera, as they say.

Materials used:

  1. 3 Pallets
  2. Hardware cloth 
  3. Staples/staple gun
  4. 3 1x4s, cut down to frame the hardware cloth
  5. Decking screws

Anyway, here’s how the bin came together:

I still need to slap together the side frames and put hardware cloth along all the sides so that the composting material stays put, but weather halted my work. This is fine for now.

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