What’s the deal?

I’ve noticed over the past several months that I’m spending more on groceries…Much more.

There are a couple factors at play.

  1.  “We’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto.” I had a seriously skewed perception of the cost of food while shopping on base at Camp Lejeune while my husband was stationed there in the Marine Corps. I started eating gluten-free/Paleo while my husband was enlisted. I could spend less than $200 a month on groceries. One of the biggest slaps in the face after coming back to the civilian world was our grocery bill.
  2. We have two kids! Pregnancy and extra mouths have added to our grocery list. I need an orchard and acres of blueberry bushes to sustain my hungry little man. I swear he tries to subsist on nuts and berries…Which, hey, great! Less work for me in trying to sell him on the Paleo thing.
  3. Milk machines! Not only does my family drink a lot of milk that runs us about $5/gallon for whole milk, (which, is questionable on the Paleo side of things, but I’m a loose adherant when it comes to dairy.) But breastfeeding also takes a tremendous amount of food fuel. I’m eating more calories per day to sustain supply and maintain my regular level of activity. Gardening, running after kiddos, and homesteading in general requires a protein rich, nutrient dense diet to keep the fatigue at bay.
  4. We’re carnivores!! Eating meat for protein is a huge reason our grocery bill is higher. We don’t even routinely do organic, grass-fed, but still- unless you want a diet of only chicken thigh (which is delicious, but…) It’s nice to mix it up and get some variance in the types of meat we eat. All I know is, beef = $$$. And salmon? Forget it.
  5. The cost of groceries in general. I’ve noticed a steady rise in the cost of food in general. With the drought this summer/fall, lots of our major producers of fruits, veggies, and beef suffered. If you fact check this post, you’ll notice that according to the CPI (consumer price index), prices have stayed relatively steady for much of 2016, but as compared to 2015, cost of food has increased by about 1.7%. again, not a drastic change, but enough for me to notice when the items on my lists stay about the same and yet, I’m spending considerably more. 

Now the average trip to the grocery store costs us between $376-$460 for our haul of 2 weeks worth of food, give or take coupons and frequent shopper discounts.

Oh, the bygone era of shopping for two… All the more reason to grow our own food.

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